Our Services

Hourly Consulting

Law firms often need help with making decisions about technology solutions to solve problems, meet goals, or streamline client services.  Law Practice Management Advisor, Anne Haag, will assist CBA members with researching products and suggest best practices and technology solutions to fit a firm’s unique needs.  Consulting services do not include technical support or onsite setup but these resources will be addressed in the report.

Pricing and Delivery

  • Pricing:  $75 per hour (1 hour minimum) for CBA members.
  • Service Request: Contact can made via phone at 312-554-2059 or via the web form.
  • Report Delivery:  Reports will focus on how to make decisions, available technologies and options.  All responses will be in writing delivered via email. The CBA does not recommend or endorse any specific products.

Law Firm Website Review

A law firm’s website is a vital first impression for potential clients. How well does your website reflect your firm? The Law Firm Website Review will not only report on a site’s content and appearance, but also look at management and organizational issues to help the firm keep the site fresh and current.  The Review will also consider application of best practices from the ABA’s Best Practice Guidelines for Legal Information Web Site Providers.  Take advantage of this objective review for your firm’s website to help provide the best possible reflection of your firm to website visitors.

Elements of the Law Firm Website Review

  • Overview
    • Infrastructure
      • Content Management
      • Metatags/Search Engine Optimization
      • Site Branding
        • Domains
        • Design/Appearance
    • Audience Distinction/Client Service Focus
    • Content
      • Currency of Information
      • Ease of Navigation
      • Site Search Capability
      • Ease of Contact
      • Ease of Access
        • Readability
        • Accessibility
        • Interactivity/Dynamic Content
        • Format Standards
    • Client Only Access
    • Policies/Best Practices
    • Readability on Mobile Devices
  • Recommendations

Pricing and Delivery

  • Pricing: $150 for firms up to 10 attorneys/$250 for firms to 49 attorneys/ larger firms call for pricing.
  • Service Request: To request a Law Firm Website Review please fill out the online form.
  • Delivery: a confidential report will be generated for the firm within 2 weeks


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