Managing the Matter from the CBA Startup Bootcamp

Are you opening a new law firm? We’ve got the information you need! Expert law practice management specialists from around the country gathered at the CBA and shared informative, practical information on getting a new law firm open for business. Speakers Jim CallowayReid TrautzNatalie Kelly and Catherine Sanders Reach provide just-in-time information for lawyer entrepreneurs.

Chicago Bar Association members can watch the entire program for free which includes segments on Starting a Practice, Budget & Financing, Building a Client Base, Web and Social Media, Money Matters, All About Clients, Risk Management and the Life of the Lawyer.

Managing the Matter (45 minutes) 


  • File management/collaboration
  • Digital files, paper files and the “myth” of the paperless office
  • Practice management software (+including litigation)
  • File retention
  • Workflow/checklists/procedures
  • Project management

Managing the Matter written materials & Managing the Matter slides

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