Tackle Implementing or Changing Practice Management Software

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Implementing new practice management software or switching to a new platform is one of the biggest hurdles the modern firm faces. However, a solid plan can make a world of difference. This newest installment in the How To…Video Library, “How To…Tackle Implementing or Changing Practice Management Software,” explores this topic. You’ll learn what you need to think about at every stage of this daunting process in order to decrease stress and better serve your clients.

“Change management seems scary, but it doesn’t have to be! From contacts and calendars to data and documents, with the right mindset, a critical eye, and a plan of attack, any firm can smoothly move from where they are now to where they need to be. Stop letting the fear of change overwhelm your firm’s need for up-to-date, agile practice management software. Just in time for the ABA Tech Show, learn techniques for alleviating pain and fear from changing software.”

Josh Taylor is Attorney & Lead Content Strategist at Smokeball practice management software. He also serves on the Writing Resource Center staff at The John Marshall Law School. His work with Smokeball and in academia, and his continued passion for what he does each day, is driven by a desire to help lawyers and their staff do better in every way.

Becky Bloom is Attorney & Partnership Manager at Smokeball practice management software, where she previously worked as an Account Manager and Product Manager. A former litigator, she’s happy to be working with small law firms to help them run more productive and profitable practices.

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