Step Up Your Firm’s Password Game with LastPass

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Do you have 2 passwords you rotate between using for every login? Are either of those passwords “password” or “1234567”? If you find yourself concerned about password security, our most recent How To seminar is for you! “Step Up Your Firm’s Password Game with LastPass” will have you up to speed in no time.

“Are you still practicing bad password habits, like using one or a handful of passwords for all your logins, or using easy to guess passwords like “123456” (still the most common password in use)? If so, you and your firm’s security are at a significantly greater risk. A password manager like LastPass helps you securely store your passwords and generate extremely secure ones, so you can have increased peace of mind without having to remember a million different combinations. It also makes collaboration and delegation a breeze. In this How To…, we’ll walk through the set-up process and different usage scenarios so that you’ll leave ready to put it into practice.”

Anne Haag, Practice Management Advisor, Law Practice Management & Technology. Prior to arriving at the CBA, Anne worked as a patent paralegal at a local IP firm. She is also a certified crisis counselor, and spends time volunteering as a patient advocate in the ER.

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