How To…

Below are super short “how-to” training videos. Want more? Sign up for upcoming Hands On and “How To…” training sessions held at the CBA and webcast every month  (IL PR-MCLE Credit).

Missed a live session? Archives of the programs are in the  How To… video library (no MCLE) with instructional videos covering everything from document assembly to MS Office to encrypting files in Dropbox . The videos are displayed in a video player optimized for full screen and/or mobile viewing, as well as adding functions like pause, forward and rewind..  All live and recorded How To… sessions are free for Chicago Bar Association members!

How to… Manage Endorsements in LinkedIn

How To… Customize Site/Blog Links in Your LinkedIn Profile

How To… Create a Company Page in LinkedIn

How To… Create a Transparent Signature Stamp for Adobe Acrobat X

How To… Turn Off New Message Notification in MS Outlook 2010

How To… Create Repeating (But Not Recurring) Appointments in the MS Outlook 2010 Calendar

How to… Change the Default Font in MS Outlook 2010 Messages

How to… Delay Sent Emails in MS Outlook 2010