Two Phone Lines, One Smart Phone with the Ruby App

Post sponsored by Ruby Receptionists and written by Diana Stepleton, VP, Partner Engagement

Today’s lawyers are more mobile than ever. They are being pulled in a dozen directions: taking client calls, appearing in court, and working on the go. Are you prepared with everything you need to get work done, anytime and anywhere? Before you’re ready to take on the (mobile) world, you’ll need to make a few decisions.

One Phone or Two?

Are you carrying two phones or taking client calls on your personal mobile number? Carrying a single phone that handles all of your calls, personal and professional, can blur the lines between work life and home life. It’s much easier to convince yourself to handle client calls outside of business hours when your phone is already in your hand. There’s the challenge of having your personal cell number listed, resulting in business solicitation calls to your private number. Add the question of professionalism and it’s clear that running your business with a single number isn’t for everyone.

On the other side of the coin, having two phones also comes with its own set of problems. The most obvious of which is the simple—and probably familiar—struggle of keeping track of both devices. Silencing, answering, forwarding calls, taking messages – plus keeping them both charged! It can be a lot to handle.

So, what’s the solution?

Two lines, one phone! A two-in-one deal gives you everything you need to run your personal life and your business. It empowers you to better route and manage your calls. Many small business owners turn to a call-forwarding service , forwarding their published business number to a personal cell phone.

One other simple solution for a two-line plan for your cell phone is Ruby Receptionists’ Choose Your Caller ID feature.

Choose Your Caller ID with Ruby Receptionists

If you don’t know Ruby Receptionists, Ruby is a virtual receptionist service—a team of customer service experts devoted to building trust with every caller—making current and potential clients feel special while making you look good.   The friendly, professional live receptionists can answer with your custom greeting, transfer callers to you wherever you are, take messages, collect intake, make follow up calls, and more.

The Ruby mobile app is part of every Ruby plan. The app acts as your telephone command center, allowing you to change when/where you are taking calls, see your calls and messages at a glance, and select which number you want to dial out from.

With Choose Your Caller ID, you can dial out from your personal cell phone as if you were calling from your business phone. The number appearing on the caller ID matches the number you’ve published for your business—callers never know the difference! And what if you are making a personal call and want your cell number to appear? Not a problem! You’re given a choice of numbers every time you call out from the Ruby mobile app.

The benefits of Choose Your Caller ID include:

  • Having two lines on a single phone—allowing you to keep your personal number to yourself, while still managing your business from the same device.
  • More freedom, flexibility, and savings—Choose Your Caller ID eliminates the need for an office phone. Ruby can provide you with a local number or host your current number, empowering you to leave your landline (and its bills) in the past.
  • Superior call quality—The Ruby app routes calls through the cellular network rather than over WiFi, giving you a more reliable calling experience, with fewer dropped calls and better sound quality.

Further, Ruby can host your business number for you free, eliminating the need for a carrier. Don’t have a business number yet? Even simpler—Ruby can provide you with one. The price? Also free! You’ll have the flexibility and freedom of two phones without the hassle or worry of juggling devices.

With the Choose Your Caller ID feature, you’ll bring all of your business-related phone bills down to one service and one device: Ruby and a cell phone!  Members of the Chicago Bar Association receive exclusive pricing –to learn more visit, or contact the Ruby team at or 866-611-7829.

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists

Enter a Medical ID on your iPhone for Emergencies

Many ER patients arrive at the hospital without anyway for medical staff to know who they are or how to reach their emergency contact. The iPhone solves this problem with their “Medical ID” feature. When an emergency worker finds your phone, they can see your name, date of birth, medical conditions, blood type, and emergency contact, even when your phone is locked by pressing the “Emergency” button on the keypad. You can set up the Medical ID in the “Health” app that comes installed on your phone. Look for the icon with the little heart:

1 app icon

Once inside the Health app, you will see the dashboard, which features statistics on your activity throughout the day. Look toward the bottom right, and you will see the Medical ID section. Tap that.

2 health dashboard

Click to enlarge

In the top right, press Edit so that you can enter in your health information:

3 edit highlight

Click to enlarge

You have the option to enter your name; your birthday; any medical conditions, notes, allergies, or medications; an emergency contact; your blood type; organ donor status; plus height and weight.

Be sure to keep the “Show When Locked” toggled to green. Click “Done” when finished.

4 done

Now that you have entered in your information, you can see what an emergency worker will see if your phone is locked. Lock your phone and then unlock it again to be brought to the screen where you enter your passcode. Press “Emergency.”

5 emergency

This will bring up the “Emergency call” screen. Note Medical ID in the bottom left corner.

6 medical ID

When you press it, all the information you entered will be displayed. Your loved ones and hospital staff will thank you.

Ensure Extra Security on Your iPhone – Replace Your 4 Digit Pin

For most users of the iPhone, the simple 4-digit pin is sufficient security as it encrypts your device, but it is easily hackable as there are only 10,000 possible combinations. In fact, according to Popular Science, “If you needed any more incentive to beef up your iPhone’s password, here’s one: security researchers at MDSec have tracked down a device called an “IP Box” that can brute force the phone’s 4-digit security code and gain access to its data.” When Apple releases iOS 9 this month, all phones running it will require 6 digits, but even with those extra digits are not strong enough. As an attorney, you need to go beyond basic security to ensure attorney-client privilege. That’s where the complex passcode comes in. Passcodes can feature letters and are unlimited in length. Pick a combination of upper and lower cases, as well as numbers and make sure it’s at least 8 characters in length. You can test the strength of your passcode at

To turn off your old pin and set your new passcode, go to Settings on your iPhone, which looks like this gear icon:

settings icon

From that menu, scroll down till you see Touch ID & Passcode:

touch id

From that menu, scroll down till you see Require Passcode, and make sure that is set to “Immediately.” Below that, you will see the switch for Simple Passcode. Toggle it to off. If you have a 4 digit pin set up, you’ll be asked to enter it:

simple passcode off

Type in your new complex passcode, and press next. You’ll be asked to type in your complex passcode one more time:

change passcode screenshot


Et Voila! You now have made your iPhone more secure.


All I Want for Christmas is a Smart-Phone-Watch

i'M watch colorsI consider myself to be an early adopter, willing to take a chance on new technology, patient or self-loathing enough to sift through videos when it doesn’t work just right, or do what the commercials promised in 2 seconds flat. But this year, I’m looking for efficiency, function, and style. Specifically and in that order.

Short of having a chip installed in my earlobe (willing trial participant here!) I consider my phone to be an extension of my daily life. It keeps me organized, empowers me to work from anywhere, connects me with loved ones, alerts me of danger and makes me laugh. But… it’s also my biggest nemesis, something in my hand or within reach when I am working, driving, shopping, walking, working out. A buzzing, chirping, blinking distraction, keeping me from being present and engaged. A former colleague of mine once said to our IT team ‘Go ahead, take the BlackBerry out of her hand. Another one will grow back like the Terminator.’ I’m sorry to say, this was not far from the truth, and only got worse when I adopted my first iPhone.

But it’s not just me! The average person checks their smartphone between 110-150 times per day. To text, call, email, read, socialize on social media, escape, and… to check the time. So would it not make perfect sense to bring something you reach for so often to your wrist? Freeing up your hands & eyes for things that came long before the land of internet and iPhones. Like eye contact in meetings, dinner conversation, handshakes, hugs, shopping (like real dig through racks, try on shoes kind of shopping) driving, playing golf, going for a run, you get the idea.

So what’s a girl like me to do with a dilemma like this?

Relocate the distraction.

Watch notifications, while presenting the same information as your phone do not encourage you to reply, respond or react. It would be absurd to think you’ll sit there and type out an email response on your wrist with one finger. For those of us who fell victim to Phantom Vibrations, just seeing what’s going on may ease the anxiety of not knowing what’s happening. Smartphones, while powerful, valuable devices are keeping us from true engagement, participation and impair our spatial awareness.

In short: Sometimes your smartphone makes you act like a jerk. So let’s move our music, message notifications and more out of our hands, away from our faces, and confine them to a place within view… but oddly enough, out of reach.


Here are this season’s best of breed Smartwatch solutions. Check them out, and let Santa which one’s on your list. Your loved ones will thank you.

pebblesPebble @Pebble 

The friendliest device out of the bunch Pebble makes Smartphone integration look easy. It’s stylish design, seamless compatibility and near infinite list of customization options offers users all of the sexy features of the other devices for nearly a Benjamin less.

Can: Display notifications of your choice in a layout of your liking, or design your own watch face. Incoming calls, email previews, text messages, calendar appointments, weather and fitness information all presented to you in various layouts. The newly opened Pebble App Store promises to bring even more options to this increasingly popular device. Screen Size: 1.26-inch (144 x 168 pixel epaper display) Camera: Use PebbleCam to control your iPhone camera without a Wi-Fi connection. Reviews Say: Best value, easiest interface. Left to be desired; a built in camera and color display.

Price: $150.00 Works with: Android, iPhone & Windows Phone


Galxy Gear in 6 colorsSamsung Galaxy Gear @SamsungMobileUS

The Galaxy Gear definitely looks like the ‘next big thing’ but delivers a surprisingly lack luster list of features, some questionably market ready. Sleek style and catchy colors while attractive are still hard to justify with such a limited feature set.

Can: Make & take Calls, pictures, send texts, play media, check the weather, and dictate commands to S voice (Siri Substitute) utilizing a small but growing number of Galaxy Gear Apps.  Screen Size: 1.6-inch (320×320 pixels) Camera: 1.9-megapixel Reviews Say: S Voice control is slightly delayed & needs some work, speakerphone doesn’t compensate for background noise.

Price: $299.99 Works with: ONLY Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3 & S4 Mobile Phones


metawatchesMetaWatch Strata & Frame @Meta_Watch

Sleek & functional design offers a good distraction from this phone’s limited offering and lack luster display. However the rugged Strata is the only Smartwatch designed for the outdoor enthusiast. Its big sister the MetaWatch Frame offers smoother styling better suited for executives.

Can: Display pertinent notifications through a 4 widget screen; Text, Calls, Weather, Email, GPS info and more. Screen Size: (25mm x 25mm, 96 x 96 pixels) Camera: None Reviews Say: Built to last and withstand true outdoor activity. Limited notifications and widgets aren’t quite what you’d expect from a Smartwatch.

Price: Strata $179.99 | Frame $229.99 Works with: Android & iPhone


sony smartwatchesSony SmartWatch 2

Sony didn’t exactly deliver with the second addition to their Smartwatch series. Failure to include a microphone, speaker or camera limits the device’s ability to compete. Redeemed by a growing list of apps and full color, sunlight friendly screen, looks were clearly not an afterthought.

Can: Screen calls, email and text alerts even if you spill a little coffee on its water resistant casing and full color sunlight readable OLCD screen. Screen Size: 1.6-inch (220 x 176 pixels) Camera: None Reviews Say: At first glance a strong alternative to the Galaxy gear, but shaky software and limited compatibility options are definite drawbacks.

Price: $199.00 Works with: Android


martian-passport-watchesMartian Passport Watch @MartianWatches

A smartphone watch in disguise the Martian Passport Watch looks more like a James Bond gadget than companion to your iPhone or Android device. Which, for the wearable tech adverse may be a perfect match. The thin OLED strip at the base of the watch face displays notifications while the two buttons on the left side of its Analog face control phone features. Advanced customization options even allow you to adjust the strength of watch vibrations, for the inner perfectionist in all of us.

Can: Make or take calls, notify you of texts, emails, weather, driving directions, social media alerts and as much more as you choose, all managed from your phone. Integration with Siri and Google Now drive most of the commands on this device. Screen Size: 1.53 x 1.46 inch face with a 96 x 16 pixel OLED display bar Camera: Remote camera control only Reviews Say: A gentleman’s smartwatch, straight out of the pages of GQ. Initial set up is a little rocky, but well worth the effort.

Price: $299.00 Works With: Android & iPhone


im-Watch-SmartwatchI’m Watch @imcollection

An Italian made luxury Smartwatch for today’s fashion forward techie. This elegant timepiece comes in a variety of precious metals, colors and offers a sunlight friendly color LCD screen.

Can: Customize your full color display & notifications with hundreds of I’m Watch Apps, viewing text, phone, email and other notifications when and how you choose. Screen Size: 1.54-inch (240×240 pixels) Camera: None Reviews Say: Cumbersome set up with less than stellar battery life.

Price: Color Collection $349.00 | Titanium Tech Collection $999.00 | Jewel Collection $1,500.00+ Works with: Android & iPhone


Smartwatches to watch for in 2014

The Smartwatch rumor mill is spilling over these days. Keep an eye out for these developing models in the New Year:

The Google Gem: Google’s stepping stone of wearable technology, predicted to prepare consumers for widespread use of Google Glass. With a richer feature set, sleeker design and broader compatibility, experts anticipate the Google Gem will give Samsung’s Galaxy Gear a run for its money, saving buyers $50-100 over the Galaxy Gear.

Apple iWatch: If you saw any of the iWatch Patent diagrams, trademark applications, or other industry fodder circulating earlier this year the iWatch will come as no surprise. Apple may be letting others beat them to market (or figure it out for them) but don’t discount their ability to dominate the consumer marketplace. Should the iWatch arrive in 2014, and look anything like the mock ups we’ve seen online, you can expect to see those long lines of iDiehards camping outside their local Apple store, credit cards in hand.

Last but not least Nokia & Microsoft are rumored to be working on a Windows Phone compatible Smartwatch, offering similar features to their current predecessors.


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