Two Phone Lines, One Smart Phone with the Ruby App

Post sponsored by Ruby Receptionists and written by Diana Stepleton, VP, Partner Engagement

Today’s lawyers are more mobile than ever. They are being pulled in a dozen directions: taking client calls, appearing in court, and working on the go. Are you prepared with everything you need to get work done, anytime and anywhere? Before you’re ready to take on the (mobile) world, you’ll need to make a few decisions.

One Phone or Two?

Are you carrying two phones or taking client calls on your personal mobile number? Carrying a single phone that handles all of your calls, personal and professional, can blur the lines between work life and home life. It’s much easier to convince yourself to handle client calls outside of business hours when your phone is already in your hand. There’s the challenge of having your personal cell number listed, resulting in business solicitation calls to your private number. Add the question of professionalism and it’s clear that running your business with a single number isn’t for everyone.

On the other side of the coin, having two phones also comes with its own set of problems. The most obvious of which is the simple—and probably familiar—struggle of keeping track of both devices. Silencing, answering, forwarding calls, taking messages – plus keeping them both charged! It can be a lot to handle.

So, what’s the solution?

Two lines, one phone! A two-in-one deal gives you everything you need to run your personal life and your business. It empowers you to better route and manage your calls. Many small business owners turn to a call-forwarding service , forwarding their published business number to a personal cell phone.

One other simple solution for a two-line plan for your cell phone is Ruby Receptionists’ Choose Your Caller ID feature.

Choose Your Caller ID with Ruby Receptionists

If you don’t know Ruby Receptionists, Ruby is a virtual receptionist service—a team of customer service experts devoted to building trust with every caller—making current and potential clients feel special while making you look good.   The friendly, professional live receptionists can answer with your custom greeting, transfer callers to you wherever you are, take messages, collect intake, make follow up calls, and more.

The Ruby mobile app is part of every Ruby plan. The app acts as your telephone command center, allowing you to change when/where you are taking calls, see your calls and messages at a glance, and select which number you want to dial out from.

With Choose Your Caller ID, you can dial out from your personal cell phone as if you were calling from your business phone. The number appearing on the caller ID matches the number you’ve published for your business—callers never know the difference! And what if you are making a personal call and want your cell number to appear? Not a problem! You’re given a choice of numbers every time you call out from the Ruby mobile app.

The benefits of Choose Your Caller ID include:

  • Having two lines on a single phone—allowing you to keep your personal number to yourself, while still managing your business from the same device.
  • More freedom, flexibility, and savings—Choose Your Caller ID eliminates the need for an office phone. Ruby can provide you with a local number or host your current number, empowering you to leave your landline (and its bills) in the past.
  • Superior call quality—The Ruby app routes calls through the cellular network rather than over WiFi, giving you a more reliable calling experience, with fewer dropped calls and better sound quality.

Further, Ruby can host your business number for you free, eliminating the need for a carrier. Don’t have a business number yet? Even simpler—Ruby can provide you with one. The price? Also free! You’ll have the flexibility and freedom of two phones without the hassle or worry of juggling devices.

With the Choose Your Caller ID feature, you’ll bring all of your business-related phone bills down to one service and one device: Ruby and a cell phone!  Members of the Chicago Bar Association receive exclusive pricing –to learn more visit, or contact the Ruby team at or 866-611-7829.

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists

Ten Apps that Send Holiday Cards in a Flash!

Oh no, it happened again!Keep Calm and Happy Holidays

The Holidays are here and your good intentions of sending out holiday cards have been derailed by your busy schedule. The good news is, like almost everything else in our tech-centric lives… there’s an app for that!

Pick your festive favorite, and get those greeting cards out the door and off your to do list.


Physical Cards from Your Phone

Does the thought of going to the post office make you cringe? Skip the trip and delegate that task to these apps that print, stamp and send faster than you can say Ho, Ho, Ho!


A tried and true solution for spreading holiday cheer, Ink has mastered the art of app generated greeting cards. Choose from over 500 designs, add photos, messages and send to anyone in your contact list instantly. Send via, Facebook, Twitter, email, text message or snail mail. Available on: AndroidiPhoneiPad | Price: Free (postage & printing may vary)

Martha Stuart Craft Studio

The Queen of Crafting has an app for almost any creative project, including your last minute holiday cards. It’s easy to get carried away customizing every detail all the way down to the festive glittery ink. Once you’re finished your masterpiece share via email, Facebook, Twitter, create a PDF, print them yourself, or have Snapfish print, stamp and send them for a small fee. Available on: iPhoneiPad | Price: Free (postage & printing may vary)

Red Stamp

Luxe card design on demand. Perfect for the discerning professional Red Stamp offers innumerous templates, finishes and envelope options. Add photos, write custom text, add your logo, or use a ready to go greeting, getting it done fast, and with style. When ready, share, text, email or snail mail your stylish greeting anywhere in the world. Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android | Price: Free (postage & printing may vary)

Thank You Pro

Originally built to send well branded, professional thank you cards, they have added a collection of holiday themed greetings which can be sent to anyone in your address book in just a few taps. Available on: iPhone | Price: Free (postage & printing may vary)

Touchnote Cards

Use your own photos to create everything from simple ecards, social media posts, postcards or printed greeting cards mailed for a small fee. It’s clean design a short list of editing options will keep your project short and sweet. Available on: AndroidiPhoneiPadPrice: Free (postage & printing may vary)


Be Green and keep some with eCards

Show the environment some love and send your holiday wishes electronically. These apps make it as easy as reading one of those inappropriate eCards on Facebook.


Searching for something beautiful, unique, maybe a little quirky? Artogram’s library of art is created by independent illustrators. Pick a design, customize your message and share via Facebook, Twitter or Text Message. Available on: iPhone & iPad | Price: $1.99

Just Wink

Made by American Greetings, this card library feels like you’re shopping in a Hallmark store. Create personalized cards with your own photos, a short message and signature tool. Once complete send your creation via email, Facebook, snail mail or Text Message for as they say it ‘Instant Greetification.’ Available on: Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, Windows 8 | Price: Free (postage & printing may vary)


Think Outside the Gift Box

Try something non-traditional this season! A postcard, poster or video, showcasing your favorite family members and moments will take center stage among this year’s array of holiday cards.


Turn thinking of you, into sharing with you. This slick and seamless app turns a photo into a meaningful postacard, complete with a message from you. Select the contact you’d like to share it with and email, text, or snail mail to your heart’s content. Available on: iPhone, Android | Price: Free (postage & printing may vary)


Pictures too ‘larger than life’ for a simple greeting card? Now you can share them in poster size! Use a preexisting template or create your own holiday poster. Share via email, your favorite social network, or print them out for physical posting wherever you like! Available on: iPhone & iPad | Price: $1.99

Elf Dance & Storybots by Jib Jab

There’s nothing more personal than a video of you and your friends dancing through the snow in elf costumes. Cast up to 5 friends or family members in a variety of entertaining holiday situations. Be the center of attention at the kid’s table with Storybots, Jib Jab’s video maker for children, casting your favorite little monsters in a children’s book of their choice. Available on: Elf Dance for iPhone & iPad, Storybots books for iPad, Storybots shorts for iPhone | Price: Free


Thank you for sharing your day with us!

If you have an app you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! Feel free to post below, or share it with us on Twitter @ChelseyLambert.

BYOD: iPad (Bring Your Own Device)

The iPad is quickly becoming a “must-have” for every lawyer. It’s more than a Smartphone but not quite a laptop…it’s more like an “electronic legal pad.” Lawyers are finding the iPad to be the perfect tool for reading books, annotating documents, taking notes, catching-up on news, surfing the Web, giving presentations, and a myriad of other tasks. Whether you’ve had an iPad for one week or one year, you’ll learn something new in this half day seminar. Bring your iPad for a hands-on environment as our expert and panelists walk you through the apps you need and how to use them.

Learn how the iPad can become an essential part of your daily workflow:

• Introduction and tour of the iPad
• Recommended settings for the iPad
• Uploading documents to the iPad
• The 10 “Must-Have” iPad apps for lawyers
• Presentations and the iPad in the courtroom
• iPad peripherals (case, keyboard, etc)
• And much more!

See demos of iPad apps for lawyers from sponsors:

TrialWorks Case Management Software app for litigators
Total Attorneys practice management app
Lexis Advance legal research app


Brett Burney, J.D., Burney Consultants LLC, Cleveland
Burney received his B.A. from the University of North Texas and his J.D. from the University of Dayton School of Law. He is the founder of his firm and provides professional consulting services for electronic discovery, litigation support and trial technology to corporate executives and legal professionals. Prior to establishing his firm, Burney spent five years at Thompson Hine LLP in Cleveland. He is a frequent speaker at numerous legal technology conferences and is a well-respected author on legal technology topics.

PLUS! ABA Law Practice Management Section will be on hand with the hugely popular “iPad in One Hour” book series including: iPad in One Hour (2nd edition), iPad Apps in One Hour and pre-sales of iPad in One Hour for Litigators.

This program will be at the Chicago Bar Association on Monday, November 19, 2013 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Sign up now before it fills up!