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Immerse yourself in legal marketing tips, strategies and techniques from the experts and your peers.  Each video in our Legal Marketing Bootcamp library, with accompanying materials, will teach you about marketing your practice including how to do it right – and wrong.  Find out how marketing is not just about promoting your practice, but also about providing great customer service to keep your newly gained clients coming back.

You can earn IL MCLE and Professional Responsibility Credit for this day-long course by registering and watching online or CBA members can log in and  watch individual segments for free (no IL MCLE or PR credit).

Managing LinkedIn Endorsements and Optimizing Your Profile

During Membership Appreciation Week here at the Chicago Bar Association I put on a program on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. One question that came up was about the new endorsements of your skills and expertise listings. If you are interested in managing that area of your profile take a look at this short video. If you would like to see the entire program it is now online, free for Chicago Bar Association Members.

You may also want to take a look at a recent article from Attorney at Work titled “Should Lawyers Connect with Competitors?” and note the links to other pertinent articles on lawyers’ use of LinkedIn at the end of the article.

Choosing a Social Network for Client Development

A question raised by many lawyers who are considering using social media for outreach and client development is, “Which social media platforms should I use?” That question is usually followed by, “How much time should I spend?” And the answer to that question usually results in a wail of, “How much?” As a marketing tool, all social media outlets provide a platform for sharing information and engaging with clients, potential clients and referrals. However, there are ways to target the networks on which to focus your time and attention.

Read more in the March/April issue of Law Practice Magazine’s special ABA TECHSHOW issue.

How to… Customize Site/Blog Links in Your LinkedIn Profile

Did you know you can customize the links for your blog, website and other links in your Linkedin profile to say something other than “company website” or “blog”? Here’s how!

Expose Yourself

My new article in Expose Yourself

For a variety of reasons, some law firm websites may not have reached the top slot in Google, Bing, or Ask. There is competition for keywords, and the search engines change their algorithms frequently. Without having a team of folks tweaking the site, there will likely be some ebbs and flows in visibility in search results. However, there are a number of ways to boost visibility on the web so that whether someone finds the firm or attorney through social media, a directory, the website, or a professional nameplate site, you can get the message out about the firm’s professionals and services.

Upcoming LPMT Programs and Training

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Coming up in August:

  • How to… Take Control of Social Media with Hootsuite
  • How Lawyers Can Use Collaboration Tools

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  • How to… Use MS OneNote for Project Management
  • How to… Automate Functions in MS Word
  • Smarter, Better, Faster: Document Assembly

Coming up in October:

  • How to…  Get the Most Out of LinkedIn
  • How to…  Manage Complex Tasks in Basecamp
  • How to…  Use MS Outlook Add-ons
  • Intersection of Ethics and Technology

PLUS Law Firm Startup Bootcamp on Oct. 4 – everything you need to know to start (or update) your law firm!

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New How to… and CLE Archives Available

New archives available:

Did you know that if you registered for a CBA LPMT CLE program or training class you can go back and watch the recording any time?  Simply log in to the Chicago Bar Association website and look under “Webcasts” and then select “My Seminars” from the drop down menu.  If you missed a session, the links to the recordings will be available on the LPMT site listed in the Program Archives link under “Upcoming Programs”. Just register to watch.

Also, all Chicago Bar Association members have access to previous progam materials, as well as white papers and other information.  Click on the “Articles (CBA Members Only)”  tab in the site header.

Keep Feeding Your Tweets to LinkedIn

Recently LinkedIn announced that due to an updated Twitter policy users can no longer have their tweets automatically appear as updates in LinkedIn. LinkedIn suggests that you update your status in LinkedIn and send it to Twitter, rather than sending tweets to LinkedIn. However, for many, that may not be an optimal workflow.

Most lawyers have little time to maintain a steady stream of updates in multiple social media channels, and connecting them – the “post once, update many” approach – often works well. While there are social media dashboards like Hootsuite (How To… training August 21!) to get the job done, the seamless “set it and forget it” approach of sending tweets directly to LinkedIn was a nice feature. So, what to do?

Thanks to @mikemcbride, who reminded me of IFTTT (If This Then That).  IFTTT gives users the ability to write “recipes” to combine  tasks on the internet based on a trigger.  For instance, if someone retweets or mentions you on Twitter you set up IFTTT to automatically thank them for the mention.  Or, if the weather forecast calls for rain send an email reminder to take an umbrella.  How about if someone mentions one of your clients in a tweet send it to a shared Evernote folder?   IFTTT works with many channels, including email, most social networks, DropBox,  SMS, ReaditLater, Evernote, and hundreds more.  You choose which channels to turn on.  The possibilities are endless.   In response to Twitter’s new policy there are a number of “recipes” already written to keep your Twitter stream flowing to LinkedIn. Remember to keep it clean, as Twitter characters and hashtags can detract from the update in LinkedIn. There are recipes including ones with limitations like no replies or retweets sent to LI or only post those with the #in hashtag.  As is often the case, when one door closes…